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Supertask is a native Mac application for keeping your projects, task lists and tasks in check. It's great for both collaborating among a team (using Dropbox) as well as your personal projects.

Supertask 1.0.1 is available for purchase on the Mac App Store. If you want to try before you buy, you can first download a trial version.

How can I use it?

Supertask is made for sharing projects, task lists and discussion among an agile team, or across your multiple Macs, without setup and maintenance hassle, using Dropbox for syncing through the cloud. You are sure to find Supertask useful if the following seems familiar to you. This is what we created the application for, after failing to find a suitable application to use ourselves!

You have projects.

You work on stuff that takes days, weeks or months to complete, with a deadline looming on the horizon.

At first, your projects are not that clear-cut, but that's just the beginning.

You have task lists.

You split the work into check lists of things small enough to do in a few hours.

These task lists have priorities: whatever is on top is the next most important thing to work on.

You have a team.

Others working on the same stuff want to know who does what next, and contribute to planning it out.

Accessing the shared space must be as simple as Forrest Gump's shrimps.

...Or you work on your own.

Of course, not every project involves a highly trained specialist for each task.

Doing a little home improvement or a personal side project still benefit from the same solid workflow.

There are a thousand tasks.

Step by step, you get from a rough draft to a refined picture of what is to be done.

Some tasks are big ones, some are smaller, some are distant relatives. Everything is captured.

Details need sorting out.

Many devilish details are not crystal clear right away.

You need to write things down, ask questions and get answers. The discussion must be viewable later, too.

What is most important right now?

All the planning done, it's time to get things done for real.

You pick a task or three, forget everything else for a while, and focus.

Done. Next. Repeat.

In pure execution mode, you check that mark, and another one. Done!

Anything else left for the day?

What do I need?

Supertask works on any Mac with OS X Lion or Mountain Lion. See features and requirements for details.

Speaking of Macs, having a native Mac OS X experience for sharing projects and task lists is the main reason why we created Supertask in the first place.

After using some established alternatives (and maintaining installations of them) for years, we decided doing a major part of daily work in the web browser was over for us. We didn't purchase our gorgeous Macs to use them as netbooks, after all!

Supertask strives for familiar workflows and solid performance on the Mac, combined with the good parts of using the cloud as infrastructure. For us, that means both online and offline use, without requiring always-on network connectivity.

If you share some of our views, we are sure you will find Supertask a good fit in your daily workflow.

Support & Feedback

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Note: Supertask also has feedback features built-in, accessible in the Supertask application menu.


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